Steph – trained for sex

Caught by Aunty:

It all started for me when I was 14. I Used to help around the house of a favorite Aunty who was a widow, but was absolutely gorgeous, dressing in fabulous silk lingerie, dressing gowns, silky skirts and blouses around the house.
Like so many curious boys,  I used to sneak into her room and fondle her drawer of such wonderful satin clothing – and of course this led on to the inevitable trying on her silky lingerie when she was out.
After a while, the obvious happened and she came back home one day and caught me in silk stockings, frilly knickers and bra.   
I was devastated but she calmed me and assured me that everything was ok. She had no children and confided in me that she had always wanted a daughter, so Steph was born. She suggested that she would not embarass me by telling anybody about my love of satin so long as I became her surrogate Daughter so she could share girly delights with me.. Of course, I readily agreed to this as it was so tempting to become Aunty’s satin girl and to keep my secret

Trained for sex:

For the next four years, I stayed most weekends and was shaped and trained for my future. We were always intimate,   Looking back, I suppose it was what is today regarded as Grooming,  But to me, I felt so fortunate that Aunty was introducing me to the delights of satin, makeup, looking sexy and gorgeous and pleasing her voracious sexual appetite. 
After she considerd that her grooming had “turned me” sufficiently, she began  to  invite others to join us.. These were speciai friends that she had, that were promised the thrill of satin sex with a very effeminate sissy teen, hand trained to please a variety of sexual appetites.
I was very popular with my “aunties and uncles” . i  tried my hardest to please them in the special ways that i had been taught  As a result, they were all  so sweet to me, spoiling me with presents and adding to my considerable “pocket money” pile when I especailly pleased them

Pleasing Uncle

Days and nights were  spent with Aunty, dressing in the newly aquired sissy outfits, and satisfying my gorgeous “relative’s” lusts, sucking her breasts as she would play with my clitty. 

Many times I would arrive and an “uncle” had been invited, waiting
patiently while Aunty prepared me for use, dressing, make up and hair all beautified before being brought in front of him, displayed and shown off like a prize,and instructed to please him  for play, and between the three of us if Aunty joined us.
It became the norm, and I loved it. I loved how happy I could make Aunty’s men and girl friends, especailly when they rewarded me! I realised as time went on, that I was beginning to prefer female company and finally experienced my first tgirl “Aunty”at 17. This blew my mind and I was hooked forever.

Turning Men On

I now absolutely adore silk and satin, mostly black lingerie. The feeling is indescribable. I love the knowledge that girls and guys are looking at my pics and hopefully, getting excited. This really turns me on. The thought of orgasmsand sticky endings happening because of me is so hot.

I am keen to meet other girls for lesbian play, I adore kissing cuddling touching feeling. Edging for the afternoon. Could be tgirls or real girls. 
 I am so keen to be invited to a tgirls party. This is my 
Number One bucket list item. Would love to spend an afternoon dressing, chatting, kissing, and playing with gorgeous girls.
Love you all.
Steph 💋”

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