Submissive TV

I’ve always been a submissive sissy tv but in the early days I was too naive and innocent to understand what I was. 

Like many similar girls, I started dressing by trying on my sister’s underwear. Don’t even ask me what made me want to put them on, but that compulsion was there. Maybe it was the feel of the lace and satin? Those are fabrics that really excite me!

As the years went on so did my desire to dress. I graduated to stockings/hold ups/tights as well as satin panties. Like a drug the more I dressed the more I needed. The further I took myself down the rabbit hole!

In my early 20’s I took the plunge and visited a dressing service and had the works!!  Wow!! I think that flicked the switch to knowing I at least had a label of cross dresser/tv now! Sadly, the only picture at the time was a Polaroid which has been lost much to my disappointment. 

Through the years I progressed to push my desires and try and find out who I was? I visited a number of professional Domme’s both female and TV. Those experiences were amazing and gave me some qualifications! 

These visits allowed me realise that I was definitely submissive and loved the sensual feel of satin lingerie. 

Hair Free

At this point I climbed further down the hole and removed all the unsightly hair from my body. Now hair free, the experience of dressing increased tenfold withy the bonus of making me feel so much more feminine and effeminate.

Now that bit older and experienced, this submissive TV was beginning to change- I realised I was also becoming a sissy needing a firm controlling hand and removal of all masculine thought.

My whole purpose now became focused on pleasing and serving “proper” men, not contemplate my own pleasure. Hence why these days you will usually find me locked up in chastity.

Now this all brings me to where I am today. I have been instructed to write this by Jules who runs this site. We found each other online and are local to each other. She is a gorgeous satin loving sissy of some experience and has helped several girls transform into sissies, so I am fortunate that she has agreed to help me, even as she is kept busy answering your messges!

She has opened a whole new avenue to Victoria and is pushing her very far down the rabbit hole. I am instructed to become more and more effeminate and ensure I am ready willing and able to entertain her guests. 

Limpwristed and Simpering

I am to become a simpering, mincing limpwristed cocksucking faggot, destined to please “proper” men. Nothing excites me more than picturing men and girls pleasuring themselves over my photographs -It is so erotic. 

I know my journey will continue and there will be further developments along the way.  For now though I’d love to hear your thoughts on me and how I make you feel?