Sissy Sally

Darling Jules: Thank you so much for introducing me to your site, which I love!

I would love to listed as an available sissy slut and suggest the following description:
Hello, My name is Sissy Sally. I live in East London and I am a sissy slut with few limits. I have known for many years that to be used for the pleasure of others, is all I am really good for.
My aim now is to find a strong Master or TV Mistress who will not accept any nonsense, and train me to be the sissy whore I truly am.
Like so many others, I started at a very early age, slipping into my mummy’s knee high boots and wearing her babydoll as often as I could. Then it all went underground until my mid-30’s when I started to wear my now, ex-wife’s suspenders, stockings and bra. I became hooked again and knew I was nothing more than a sissy slut.
Not long after, I managed to find a real woman Mistress who trained me and made me wear sissy dresses and boots and pvc. She took me to a few clubs and saunas and I was frequently used by her friends at her home. I had to give full-body massages to both men and women and often, at the end of the evening, everyone would amuse themselves with their own special sissy.
I have recently been attending a few tgirl clubs and gay saunas in London on the lookout for the right Master/Mistress.        I  am a loyal, kind and sensitive person.          I would dearly love to find someone who would collar me and develop me as a sissy slut and slave for their pleasure and entertainment and enrichment too, if they wanted to whore me out.  
I am about 5′ 10″ and a size 12/14.

feel free to  contact Sissy Sally on: