Sissy Exploits


As well as my TV activities I now enjoy being an occasional androgynous satin sissy. 

I was fortunate enough to have  a very playful and wilful Mistress to help develop my sissification but  after a lot of pleasure, sadly, she found her Mr Right and she left the area.

One of her favourite ways of shaming her pet sissy was taking me to a Brighton gay bar and showing me off as an effeminate sissy guy,and shame me..

I always had to wear stockings, satin lingerie, satin blouse and tight satin trousers with satin bomber and matching lippy- and she insisted i leave the top few buttons undone so that guys could see the black satin and lace top of my camisole showing

hole pantiesOf course, I was embarrassed but loved it!  I would  sit and flirt, fondle and kiss. She encouraged me to openly apply my makeup in the bar as well..and of course to develop my effeminate gestures and mincing walk!

On a couple of occasions she arranged for a man friend to be there so he could molest me and enjoy me…he particularly enjoyed fondling the little bobbles on my suspenders, through the shiny this satin of my trousers…so, being a sissy can be erotic and very exciting.  Such a pity she moved on

I am now being coached by a TV Mistress- more anon- if anyone wants to hear!

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