Sissy Danni / Dan Haines

Hi I’m Danni -a horny effeminate satin sissy, dedicated to pleasing “proper” men   My name is Daniel James Haines from Cirencester Gloucestershire England, where I am a builder

I have known for many years that judged by others, I have been an abject failure as a man – i have had two failed marriages, and struggle to get an erection on my apology of a penis, without the aid of satins, silks and pleasing a proper man.  

Sissy Faggot    Since I was a teenager I have worn nothing but effeminate satin panties and have learned how best to please a man that likes to penetrate sissy faggots. It’s then, that I often succeed in having intense hands free orgasms.

 There’s nothing better than a plug in your ass with silk pulled up tight and rubbing your clitty though the knickers.

I have asked Jules to let me be seen on his lovely website as I know that I must be humiliated like the pathetic satin sissy I am.  

I would love to meet a Daddy, Master, or Mistress in the SW that could use a worthless sissy like me for their sexual gratification. And would love to be taken out and displayed for master’s pleasure.


Dominant Girlfriend

I am now lucky enough to be serving a new dominant girlfriend who can push all the right buttons for her deep sexual pleasures.  But- with all that, I see gay sex as a satin faggot being like a drug- I still sneak out for assignations with the real men that want me to dress in satin and stockings so they can use me like the gayboi faggot I am

She keeps me mostly in chastity and regularly uses a big strapon on me . Because I am a limp dicked sissy I mostly just pussy lick and use vibrators on her.  


I have an idea that I am being cuckolded but I absolutely love that idea- I know I am worthless in her bed, so I like the idea of her being with someone else with proper “working parts”. Maybe I could watch him pleasing her in ways that i cannot.

If you’d like to meet, or  have a horny photoshoot, get in touch!