Sissies Exposed

Sissies Exposed

Jessie- Sissy Hooker (PICTURES TO CUM!)

Jessie is an eager to please sissy hooker. She has been a sissy for many years and has loads of experience in how to make men happy. Just think of her as female and anything goes. Contact Jessie at


When I was young I discovered some sexy clothes in Mums wardrobe – lacy thongs and a tutu especially. I loved to prance around the house when no-one was in. When I moved to London I discovered places where I could dress and be the girl I was in my head. After I while I started to get offers from  men but it took me a few years to build up to giving blow jobs.

When I did, though, I realised how wonderful cum is – both the taste and texture – and how men adore it when girls make them cum. I soon progressed onto getting fucked and have never looked back. At a club in Leeds called Quest I became the sissy hooker – men knew that if no-one else would have them, I was always available to be serviced. I’d often have a queue form and ended up seriously messy and sore…but satisfied!

I must say that being a woman is the best thing ever. Looking sexy and being watched are a turn on for me, even when I’m out in town shopping or having a coffee I get very turned on when men tell me that they get pleasure masturbating with my pictures.

There is something so alluring and lovely about wearing lingerie, short skirts and tight tops. It just makes me feel really feminine – the swish of a skirt as I walk, and my g string rubbing against my pussy. Pulling on stockings (being so careful not to ladder them) and attaching them to a lacy suspender belt really helps make me believe that men might be interested in me, and I know lots of men love my lipstick and want to kiss me. It’s that slinky sensation of stockings on my legs that really makes me a woman though. Several times a week I get messages from men telling me that they have just wanked off over my pictures – as a woman this makes me so happy! The thought that guys are wanting to fill my pussy with their sperm is such a turn on for any sissy isn’t it! I always reply saying that I wish I was there stroking their balls and helping them to cum even harder than usual.














Hi I’m Danni -a horny effeminate satin sissy, dedicated to pleasing “proper” men   My name is Daniel James Haines from Cirencester Gloucestershire England, where I am a builder

I have known for many years that judged by others, I have been an abject failure as a man – i have had two failed marriages, and struggle to get an erection on my apology of a penis, without the aid of satins, silks and pleasing a proper man.  

Sissy Faggot

Since I was a teenager I have worn nothing but effeminate satin panties and have learned how best to please a man that likes to penetrate sissy faggots. It’s then, that I often succeed in having intense hands free orgasms.

 There’s nothing better than a plug in your ass with silk pulled up tight and rubbing your clitty though the knickers.

I have asked Jules to let me be seen on his lovely website as I know that I must be humiliated like the pathetic satin sissy I am.  

I would love to meet a Daddy, Master, or Mistress in the SW that could use a worthless sissy like me for their sexual gratification.  


Dominant Girlfriend

I am now lucky enough to be serving a new dominant girlfriend who can push all the right buttons for her deep sexual pleasures.  But- with all that, I see gay sex as a satin faggot being like a drug- I still sneak out for assignations with the real men that want me to dress in satin and stockings so they can use me like the gayboi faggot I am

My wonderful Girlfriend/ Mistress  keeps me mostly in chastity and regularly uses a big strapon on me . Because I am a limp dicked sissy I mostly just pussy lick and use vibrators on her.  

Cuckold?   I have an idea that I am being cuckolded but I absolutely love that idea- I know I am worthless in her bed, so I like the idea of her being with someone else with proper “working parts”. Maybe I could watch him pleasing her in ways that i cannot.

If you’d like to meet, or  have a horny photoshoot, get in touch!