Sexy Teen Turned me into Satin Lover

Teasing Satin Teen Step Daughter has turned me into a Satin Slut!

I have developed an obsession with satin, in particular satin thongs, in recent weeks and it’s all because of my teen stepdaughter who wears nothing but satin bras and thongs.

Chloe is 18 and a very attractive young lady. She has a beautiful face, gorgeous breasts and an arse to die for. She has typically been a quiet girl, spending all her time with her boyfriend. However, since they split up a few weeks ago, she has turned into a satin lingerie wearing prick tease!

Now, whenever it is just Chloe and I alone in the house, she does all she can to turn me on. She wears tight tops, often see through, that allow me to glimpse her satin bra and to catch the outline of her gorgeous tits. And when she isn’t wearing tiny shorts that show off her incredible arse, she will wear tight joggers that cling to her and highlight just how sexy her body is.

The best thing about all of this is that she will purposely lower her shorts or joggers so I can glimpse the top of one of her satin thongs. She will often bend down in front of me, pretending to pick something up.

It is obvious by her sexy behaviour that she enjoys displaying her sexuality to men, and as if that isn’t enough to make my cock twitch, she has recently started purposely leaving her satin thongs lying around so I can’t fail to see them. This includes placing them on top of the washing basket and leaving them lying all over her bed in clear sight.

Last week, when she went to college and I found myself alone in the house, I gave into temptation and decided to slip on one of Chloe’s thongs. It was a size 10 and I had to squeeze myself into it, but as soon as the material stroked against my semi-erect cock, I just knew I had to shoot my hot, sticky cum into it.

I began slowly stroking,  and it didn’t take long for me to unload into the satin. I soaked the soft material and then rubbed my fingers inside the thong, before tasting my own cum for the first time. I was slightly shocked, questioning what Chloe was doing to me and ‘making’ me do, but it was so erotic and such a turn on. I felt slightly dirty but I found the whole experience such a turn on and I knew from the amount of cum I had produced that I had enjoyed a great time.

The following day, Chloe went to college again and I again found myself home alone. I was trying to behave, but I gave into temptation and I decided to take a look in her lingerie drawer. It took me seconds to get excited. There were so many satin thongs of all colours – white, black, red, green, pink, yellow. I was in heaven! 

I took a look at all the soft, shiny satin thongs and grabbed a gorgeous pink one. I sniffed them first before enjoying a fondle and I could feel my cock start to harden immediately. I knew at that point I just had to put them on and as soon as the satin touched my cock, I could feel and see a little precum start to ooze out.

I loved knowing that Chloe had also worn the thong and possibly been fucked while wearing it. I stood in front of a mirror and I loved how the thong made my arse look. It wasn’t long before I could feel my cock crying out to be milked again and so I began stroking myself again. This time I watched myself in the mirror and the sight of my cock poking out the side of Chloe’s thong was too much.

I shot a huge load into my hand and then proceeded to rub it all over my cock and Chloe’s thong. It was such a turn on and is now something I do at least twice a week. Chloe continues to tease me and I so wish she knew that I wear her satin thongs and cum in them, having such a sexy time.

Maybe one day she will get to see me wearing one of them. Until then, I will carry on wanking into her thongs and enjoying the sensation of the satin rubbing against my stiff cock.

Yesterday, when she had teased me a little more than usual, she whispered to me that it should be our little secret between us. But she confided, perhaps I would like to take her out to a nice bar sometime and she would wear something eye-catching so we could enjoy seeing the reactions of other men. She also said she didn’t have any really sexy satin clothes to wear – am I being groomed?

I realise that she is slowly turning me into a satin slut- and I LOVE it!