Lois has to stay after class

Lois is in her final year at school, top of the sixth form, 18 years old and quite adventurous. The school is traditional so uniforms are still worn, even at that age.
The school bell rang for the last time that Friday. Each student started packing their bags and satchels and eagerly began to leave the class room.
‘Lois, I need to speak with you, stay behind please.’ Lois was a little worried, she had been day dreaming during class and mostly staring out of the window and not paying attention to the lesson.
The teacher was obviously a little annoyed. ‘Come over here’ he said firmly. His desk was on a raised dais and was a big pedestal style with a front panel probably designed to stop the boys looking up the skirts of the female teachers.
Lois stepped up to the dais and stood in front of the teacher as he sat in a broad wooden backed chair on a swivel and rollers. ‘You have not been paying attention today, at all Lois’ he said quietly but firmly.
‘Sorry sir’ she said looking down as the teacher reached out and stroked her stockinged leg, moving his had up slowly lifting her uniform skirt and passing her exposed flesh above her stocking tops till he was touching her satin panties.
Lois shuffled her feet and adjusted her stance so the teacher was able to hold his hand between her legs, cup her panties and feel her pussy beneath the warm satin. Lois didn’t look up but she could feel
the slight pressure of the teacher’s fingers rubbing her pussy through her knickers. She was getting wet inside and hoped he would not feel her panties get damp with his touch.
‘Get under the desk Lois, kneel down, there is a thin cushion there.’ She looked up at him and he indicated the space under the desk. It was plenty big enough so she knelt down and crawled into
position so she could face him. The teacher undid his trousers and pulled out his hard cock and balls, keeping his belt done up and positioned himself on the chair and drew it up to the desk
His cock was inches from Lois’s mouth and she knew what she had to do. Suck off her teacher for being lazy in class and not paying attention. Lois eased her warm mouth onto his mature stiff prick pushing the foreskin back with her fingers and built up a slow rhythm of sucking his cock in and out of her mouth.
While Lois was sucking smoothly, expecting a load of cum soon enough, she heard the classroom door open and stopped. Then she felt the teacher’s hand on her head indicating to carry on sucking.
‘Oh hello Sir, I thought the room was empty.’ It was Ms. Santos, the raven haired school cleaner. A mature slim lady who always wore tight nylon house coats that clearly showed her lingerie underneath,
her panty lines were visible as were her suspender bumps and the outline of her bra. The boys loved her, she was so sexy and she teased them with flashes of her stocking tops enjoying the image of them all wanking at home in their bedrooms, thinking about her.

Today she wore a lemon coloured nylon housecoat buttoned up the front and clearly underneath black bra and full cut panties with suspenders too. Her nylons were tan and her modestly high shoes were plain and black. Her jet black hair was held up into a chignon with a large tortoiseshell clasp.

The teacher enjoyed watching her bend over as she swept the room, at the same time feeling Lois’s warm mouth working on his cock.
Ms. Santos was a tease, very sexy looking but the rumours were that she was not ‘all woman’ and that was fueled in part as she had arrived from the Philippines many years before and been an exotic dancer.

‘You’re looking very good this evening Ms. Santos’ said the teacher.

‘Thank you, sir. Glad you approve’ She unbuttoned the bottom of her house coat in order to bend down moving around a desk with her
broom and she was sure to flash her stocking tops at the teacher. He immediately responded by filling Lois’s mouth with a steady flow of thick warm cum. Ms. Santos looked up at the teacher quizzically.
‘I have seen that expression on a man’s face many times Teacher, what are you doing up there?’                                                                             ‘Well Ms. Santos, the delightful view of your stocking tops and panties made me cum and I have a naughty girl here dutifully swallowing my load.’ Lois was being a very good girl ensuring not to spill any cum and make a mess of teacher’s trousers or her uniform blouse.

‘Well this I need to see, teacher’ said Ms. Santos in her cute Filipino accent and she stepped up on the dais. The teacher gently pushed his chair away from the desk on the rollers, his cock limp resting on his trousers. On her knees Lois was still licking her lips as she looked up at Ms. Santos. ‘Well teacher, would you mind if I took your place?’ The teacher stood up, ‘Be my guest’. Lois was not sure what was happening but the teacher gave her a look as if to say, stay where you are. Ms. Santos unbuttoned more of her house coat and started to pull down her big black panties. She gently stepped out of them and placed them on the desk and sat down in the big chair, all the time looking at Lois. She raised her legs up on the desk and the teacher pushed the chair a little closer towards Lois.

Now Lois’s face was inches away from Ms. Santos’s shaved semi erect cock beautifully positioned on her shiny coffee coloured balls.
‘Lois!’ said the teacher, ‘you know what to do. I want you to pleasure Ms. Santos with your eager tongue and lips, now please’
‘Yes sir’ Lois automatically responded as she arranged her position to be able to lick Ms. Santos’s lovely looking balls and cock. Her cock was fragrant and warm as she ran her tongue up across the balls and up along the hardening cock. The cock and balls were neatly framed by a deep vintage style suspender belt with three straps on each thigh attached to vintage seamed fully fashioned nylons.
This was the first time Lois had sucked a ladyboy cock and was surprisingly enjoying it, licking up the precum and swallowing as best she could. Ms. Santos reached out and held Lois’s head on her cock.  ‘Faster girl, faster’
Lois increased the speed and her tongue lapped at the underside of Ms. Santos’s erect cock as she sucked with her lips. Then it came. Lots of warm juice sprayed onto Lois as the cock slipped from her
mouth, over her cheeks and dribbling on to her blouse, she tried to catch as much as she could but the flow was difficult to control. Ms. Santos had a few mild spasms and released Lois’s head from her grasp.  ‘Lick my cock clean and dry young lady’ she said looking into Lois’s eyes as Lois licked and sucked her stiff member clean of juices.
The teacher had been fondling Ms. Santos’s tits through her bra as Lois had been sucking ladyboy cock. 
He indicated for her to come out from under the desk and Lois eased past the chair and Ms. Santos and up to a standing position, her blouse stained with lots of ladyboy cum.
‘You may go home now, Lois. Have a nice weekend and don’t forget to do your homework!’        ‘Thank you Sir’
Lois collected her books and satchel and as she walked home she hoped no one would notice cum stains on her uniform blouse. She would have to get it into the washing machine before Mummy noticed too.

Ms. Santos was pulling her big black panties back on, up over her stockings and suspenders and then buttoning her house coat. The teacher was watching intently and reached out a hand to make her stop.  The panties were now up to her stocking tops and he cupped her cock and balls in his hand and leaned towards her for a kiss.
Ms. Santos responded and they locked lips and tongues. As they stood face to face the teacher fondled her cock and balls in his hand gently wanking her to semi hardness. Then he firmly turned her around and eased her forward so she had to bend over the desk. The teacher lifted her house coat and exposed her ass framed so beautifully by the suspenders with her panties down her thighs.

He dropped to his knees behind her and with his hands pulled her cheeks apart to expose her pink rosebud asshole. He licked and sucked slowly then poking his tongue into her ass, gently stretching it as it swelled a little responding to his lips. He moved a finger to her opening and explored it tenderly then with more saliva he slid the finger into her asshole, slowly but firmly. It felt so warm and tight, he could feel her pulse throbbing through her rectum.

The teacher’s cock was now rock solid again and he stood up, applying more saliva to his hand and then onto the tip of his cock. He placed his cock to her ass and he could feel she was ready, eager as Ms.Santos pushed back a little to speed up the insertion.
The teacher’s wife Linda loved pussy fucking and sucking but would not let him fuck her asshole so this was heaven and in his warped logic, not cheating. He was pleased Lois had sucked him off earlier as he would last longer now and be able to give Ms. Santos a good pounding before he came again.  He reached around and cupped her breasts as he pushed his cock into her tight asshole. Ms. Santos
pushed back and he went in deep. She was obviously used to being fucked anally, no pain was evident as she readily accepted his girth and length. Fondling her tits and ramming his cock up her arse was simply sensational, something he had dreamt about many times when watching her clean the classroom.

Ms. Santos stood up a little as a suggestion to change position. The teacher pulled out of her and she quickly turned around and sat up on the desk raising her legs high up into the air as she pulled her
panties off. The teacher stepped forward and guided his cock back into her swollen asshole as she exposed her breasts in the open bra, unbuttoning the house coat. Her cock was hard and slick, shiny
with more pre-cum and she stroked it as the teacher pounded her and feasted his eyes on her tits and cock.
‘I want to see you spunk when I unload in you’ the teacher said looking intensely into Ms. Santos eyes. ‘Oh yes, you will, keep fucking me Teacher I want your load in my pussyass very soon.’ She stroked her cock in time with the pounding she was taking in her ass and jets of cum shot over her tits and bra, some coming to rest on her suspender belt. The sight of Ms. Santos cumming took the teacher over the edge and his balls tightened and a power load moved up his cock and flowed into Ms. Santos. 
They stared at each other savoring the sensations, a pulsating cock in her ass, the warmth of the semen now in her and the tightness of her asshole, squeezing him.
‘Oh my, Ms. Santos, you have made my day very special, what a start to the weekend.’  ‘Tell me how do you get your pupils so well trained in cock sucking? That girl was very good.’ 
‘Lois? Yes she is a favourite of mine, so cheerful and eager to please. Hopefully there is a next time Ms. Santos, for you and I that is, I so want to suck you off, something I have never done, yet.’
Ms Santos reached for her panties and eased them up her legs, holding her asshole carefully tight so not to spill cum onto the desk.
‘Teacher, you can suck me off anytime, just let me know, but keep my apparatus a secret for now, the boys are intrigued and its fun for me having them guessing, and being a prick teaser!.’ With that she straightened her house coat and stepped down  off the dais, collected her broom and basket of cleaning items and slipped out of the classroom.