Satin Dogging by StarNymph

Satin Dogging  by StarNymph

It was always appealing for me to see shimmering soft silky material stretched  over the male bulge, and even now, as I see his car pull into the carpark, I am wet with lust. 

I want to climb in beside him and feel our lips melt together, as I reach down to unzip his tight satin trousers. My fingers seek that lace beneath, and Oh that hot curve of firmness leaps out to greet me. His pearls of pre-cum slick the satin in silvery beads. I bend my neck to lick them.

He pulls my chin up to kiss him more, so his pre-cum mingles…and tells me secrets. We wait all steamy in his car, and he cracks the window down halfway.

Soon there is a shadow at the window, and a nod of acknowledgement. The moonlight plays on the satin sheen of knickers full of promise, as our visitor reveals his own engorged jewels sheathed inside that iridescent tactile textile.

Encouraged, I reach over and run my finger around the rim of the stranger’s panties…and I feel the rising of his shaft as it thickens, and see his own pearls form at the tip. Pulling the panties down I reveal that glistening head, and with one hand in the lap of my car companion, and the other on the stranger, we all reach a simmering enflamed desire to explode.

The car door on my side opens and someone is pulling my knickers aside. I feel a tongue sweeping around my clit….Oh god, there is a satin explosion and it’s shock waves leave us all panting, and sweaty in satin. There are droplets of spunk all over the car, and the tension we’ve all felt in lockdown drains away.

Oh what I wouldn’t do for a satin sissy slut, or two, right now!!