Satin Charlotte


For me, my obsession with satin started when I was a teenager. 

I just loved the feel and the sexiness of satin and it is so feminine to wear. I developed a strong feminine side and I soon started buying sexy underwear, and it was always either satin or silk. I found that I really liked thongs and how they made my ass look. It became a bit of an obsession with me and I was forever buying new sexy underwear and was always aroused wearing it. I love to also keep my body smooth and shave all my hair. It feels sexy to wear satin and stockings on smooth skin. 

It wasn’t long before I started desiring more sexy and feminine clothes and to more fully embrace femininity. I always bought lingerie and it was always satin. Sexy short slips, bra, satin panties and thongs. I love to look at my ass in the mirror as I dressed sexy and imagined a man behind me grabbing my ass, making me submit to his desires and needs.

I really love the bimbo look and I love being a sexy sissy slut that just wants to get in a man’s pants and suck his cock and bring him pleasure. I am submissive and I just want my man to cum,  and I will do anything for him so that he shoots his cum in or on me!  For the bimbo look I wear really high heels and have my hair long and blonde. I really love wearing girly pink and love to have my nails painted red and long. It’s so sexy to caress a hard cock with long red nails and hear a man moan with pleasure, desperate for me to suck his cock and give him relief.

My first sexual encounter with a man with me as a sissy was someone who messaged me online. I had posted some sexy sissy pictures and he really liked my ass.

I met up with him and I dressed in a short pink satin slip, fishnet stockings with suspender belt, heels and blonde hair. He also had on sissy porn on TV as he laid back on the bed. I felt a desire and was quickly between his legs caressing, licking his balls and sucking on his cock. He was moaning and really enjoying it. I was getting aroused too and was rubbing my sissy cock against his hairy leg. I love hairy men and a hairy man really turns me on.

He then had me bend over on my hands and knees on the bed and he spent a lot of time licking my ass which really aroused me. I knew I was about to get fucked and so was filled with excitement and anticipation of what was to come. Soon enough he had his cock against my ass.

He used a lot of lube and slowly pushed his cock in. It felt so good and tight and I gasped when he entered me. He thrusted slowly as he held my hips and it made me feel like a woman. He then pushed me down onto the bed so that I was laying face down. He then fucked me that way and I could feel his cock going deep into me. He soon moaned out load and squirted his cum in me and then I knew I was now a total sissy slut. I hadn’t cum yet and so he rolled me over and rubbed my sissy cock until I shot cum all over my pink satin slip. 

I really love dressing as a girl and being a girl and a slut. I love older, bigger and hairy men, it makes me feel feminine and submissive. I get so turned on kissing passionately with a hairy bear type man as he fingers my ass. That drives me wild!

I always crave as much satin sex as possible and love proper men gifting me satin to wear for them- I just adore being a satin sex toy!

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