Nancy Boi’s Further Training

Read Nancy’s further grooming into sissydom!

Keeping  My Secret Safe- for now!

It had been a few months since Nancy first met Daddy. She had come a long way as a sissy since then. As you remember from the first chapter, Nancy had met with Daddy, and had dressed properly as a sissy for the first time. Daddy took lots of beautiful and sexy photos of Nancy which clearly showed how much of a sissy fag she was, and even ones which revealed her true identity, where she held her passport. Daddy explained that these were for motivation, a reminder that if Nancy keeps progressing in her sissy journey and following instructions, she can keep her secret safe – for now.. 

Daddy had started to implement rules for his new sissy. These were to further push her towards her dreams of being a complete and total sissy. Daddy’s first rule to Nancy was that she must keep herself smooth of all hair from her face and body, a secret but constant reminder that she is a sissy faggot and nothing else.

Satin on  Smooth Skin!

She was then told she must start building her panty collection – however there was a catch to this. For every pair of panties she buys, she must throw away a pair of boy underwear. At first this wasn’t an issue as she still had plenty of boy underwear for wearing out. But as her collection quickly grew, she was down to just 2 pairs of boy underwear. Her boy underwear depleted very quickly, as Daddy had then requested that she start buying bras – satin, lace, beautiful materials which felt amazing against Nancy’s smooth skin, she loved the feeling of it. Daddy said that as bras counted as sissy underwear and an essential, she must throw away a pair of boy underwear for each bra she owns. Daddy insisted she wear bra and panties every day under her clothes, to remind her she is a sissy. 

This caused a problem for Nancy keeping her sissyhood secret at work… as Master had also said that she could continue to wear boy clothes to work – with one condition. They must be tight fitting. This was to show off Nancy’s features – but also… it revealed bra lines underneath, with only a tight men’s shirt covering it. This meant that Nancy had to wear jumpers to hide it. At first she was quite nervous, but eventually Nancy learned to love the feeling that she had this big sissy secret, that nobody around her knew about! 

Nancy also had to start building her sissy wardrobe with more visible clothes. She now had a few blouses, satin of course. Ever since she was a young boy, she’d always loved the way satin felt beneath her fingers. She loved the way it felt as it touched her skin, she was completely hypnotised by it. Nancy had not yet worn any of these obvious sissy clothes in public – Daddy assured her that one day she would, and she would love it. As mentioned before, she also had some tight men’s trousers, but Daddy had also asked her to buy some more feminine trousers, ones more fitting of a sissy. So she did – she got leather trousers, satin trousers, patterned trousers, ones Daddy told her she must wear on her days off work. He even got her to get some skirts and dresses – he said she wouldn’t be wearing them in public for a long time, but she had to be prepared to eventually! The thought of being so public terrified Nancy – surely she couldn’t risk going girl mode in public? But maybe one day? 

Looking Pretty

Nancy had also been working on her makeup – at the start she only really wore makeup. But then as she progressed, she started doing a full face of makeup as her skills improved! She could look very very feminine – however, it was still very obvious that Nancy was a sissy faggot MAN, not a woman. On her days off, Nancy would practice and do a full face of makeup, and wear completely femme clothes as well! She absolutely loved embracing her feminine side and becoming a sissy. She wished she could dress like this all the time! 

Mincing in Heels!

Nancy learned to walk in heels – they added to her feminine look, and proved without a doubt she was born a sissy. Daddy was incredibly pleased with her progress – and now wanted her to take the next step. She would be fully dressed and be taken to a bar, with Daddy as her Master, her owner. She would be wearing a satin, low cut satin blouse, so that everyone can see her sissy lace black bra underneath. She would be wearing matching panties, and stockings, and then a  black leather pair of trousers over. The look would be finished off with some black heels, a Pearl necklace and earrings, and a black coat. She was wearing a  full face of sissy makeup, with slutty red lipstick. She also had her nails painted red to match! She looked like a complete sissy fem boi, and Daddy took her hand as they headed to the bar. Daddy told her that everyone in the bar would know that she’s a sissy. Daddy would kiss her in public, so everyone knew who she belonged to, and what she was. Depending on how she handled tonight, daddy might introduce her to some friends later. 

They went into the bar, found a quiet booth, and got some drinks – Daddy got Nancy a double vodka, to help with the nerves! As they relaxed, chatted, Daddy started feeling my thigh, caressing me, and leaned into me for a passionate kiss. I got completely lost in a trance while kissing Daddy, I lost all track of time. It was incredible, to be out here as my sissy self, and be with my Daddy, who is helping me become the sissy I am. Daddy then noticed I had an erection. He said “we’ll have to go take care of that – let’s go to the toilets”..

Into Sissy Chastity

I followed Daddy, excited to have some fun! When we got there.. told me to close my eyes. He pulled down my trousers and panties, and I felt something cold, metallic, touching my clit. (Daddy had told me that moving forwards my penis would be called my clit). Just then I realised as I heard the padlock click shut, that Daddy had put a chastity cage on me. So I couldn’t cum. Daddy told me to get dressed and then we went and sat in our booth again. 

He explained, that sometimes after a sissy cums, she will feel ashamed, embarrassed, and try to run away or abandon their dream SISSY READINGof becoming a sissy. Keeping me in chastity means that I am safe as his property, and won’t be able to run away, as he knows that this is what I want and that I need to make sure I stay committed to the dream. He explained that I could still cum, but it would now only be by penetration.. this is the only way sissies should be cumming. This frightened me a bit – I couldn’t cum whenever I wanted anymore??? But then again… it is quite exciting!

And it’s not really like I have much of a choice anyway!  ….AND– of course, I always have the threat hanging over me that if I do not please Daddy, I will be publicly outed as the pathetic satin loving, limp wristed mincing faggot that he has created.

Keep an eye out for chapter 3!