Jules’ Descent into Femininity at Nick’s Hands

Parts 1 & 2  Episode 1 

I walk into your bedroom

You are sitting at the dressing table wearing a velour tracksuit while you finish applying your makeup.  I watch as you put your lip-gloss on and primp your hair. “Looking gorgeous Jo Jo” I say. You smile and bat your long eyelashes at me.

You notice I have some carrier bags with me. “Presents for me?” you ask, smiling. “Actually yes”, I reply “OooH”, you squeal and clap your hands together, jumping up. You take the bags and remove the tissue paper wrapped contents onto the bed.

SATIN MENS BRALET“Very posh”, you say.  “Only the best for my girl,” I reply. You take out the soft pink satin bralette and panty set

You smile at me, “thank you Nick” 

I watch as you stand and remove your tracksuit, carefully taking the top off to avoid messy you hairdo and then sliding the trousers down. You stand there naked apart from the sheer black hold up stockings with lacey tops and the chrome cage on your small boi bits.  I admire your slim figure, shapely legs and puffy nipples

You pull up you new panties and put on the bralette. Your mannerisms are very femme and you straighten the leg hems and adjust your top before slowly twirling in front of my admiring eyes. You go to the other bag on the bed, bending over and showing off your shapely bum in the tight pink satin. I feel my cock twitching and hardening in my pants.

The other package is larger and you unwrap it to reveal a sexy nightie, super sissy.

“Oh my god”, you squeal, “thank you Nick, it’s beautiful.”   “A beautiful nightie for a beautiful girl”, I reply smoothly 

Episode 2 

I see you looking at the bedroom door that I was careful to lock behind me when I came in. “I hope you are not entertaining any silly ideas Jo Jo? “”No, no, of course not Nick”, you smile nervously at me.   “Good girl, now put your new nightie on and find some heels, we are going to visit a friend of mine. ”  

“I see all those YouTube make up and cosmetics videos I made you watch have been very successful, your face is beautiful. “

You smile up at me through lowered eyes, grateful for the praise.  

“You are glad I found you and encouraged you, aren’t you Jo Jo?” I say.  “Yes sir”, you reply submissively, still standing in front of me in your bra and panties. “Come on girly”, I say, playfully slapping your bum. “Nightie and shoes on.”  

You put the nightie on, smoothing it down, twirling and swishing the layers of   feminine satin and lace then find a pair of 5 inch pink patent leather high heeled shoes. You slip them on with practiced ease and walk across the room in small confident steps.  I take you in my arms and lightly kiss your lips. 

“Now, my friend Tyrone is very much looking forward to seeing you Jo Jo.” You shiver slightly in my arms. “He has seen the photos and video and agrees with me that you are a very desirable girl. ” “But, but…” you stammer. 

“No need to worry”, I say reassuringly,” I have taken care of all the financial details, you just have to perform to your usual high standards, just as you have been taught. ” “Yes sir”

I help you into your coat thinking how lucky I was to find you, someone who had put themselves into a position to be blackmailed, who had no immediate family to worry about them and most importantly was naturally submissive whilst highly sexed and effeminate.

“If I am good sir, might I be released from my cage?” You whisper softly.  “Well”…, I reply, “if you are a very good girl there might be some sort of reward. How long has it been since your last release? ”  “Two weeks, four days,” you reply looking crestfallen.  “Well it’s your own fault Jo Jo, your masturbation was out of control. ” You look downcast but you nod slightly. 

“So the cage is for your own good, you know that girls should not get over excited. Plus I think it looks pretty on you. ” I hold out your coat and help you into it. We set off for the station.  I complement you on your feminine walk as we link arms and board the train. 

“Now Jo Jo, Tyrone is expecting the full service, just like we have practiced. Lots of kissing, lots of praising him and his big cock, I know you won’t be disappointed my dear, performing oral sex on him before begging him to fuck you. If I get a good report I will unlock you and let you have an orgasm. “

I can see in your eyes that you are conflicted, you don’t really want to have sex with Tyrone but you really, really want to cum after two weeks of enforced chastity. “Yes sir”, you say with just a note of resignation in your voice. “Cheer up sweetie, the more you do it, the more you will enjoy and want it. Your natural sensuousness will come to the fore. “

We arrive at the flat and I ring the bell.  Tyrone answers the door dressed in a silk dressing gown. He is a hulking beast of a man, towering above you. 

He smiles winningly as I usher you in. 

To Be Continued