Gareth Morgan / Sissy Emma

GARETH MORGAN!  Emma is a Sissy in Plymouth

Sisssy Maid Emma
Sissy Pansy Emma

Emma  loves being a sissy -in her male mode as GARETH MORGAN she is a cleaner. She is always anxious to please her Mistress  and look pretty for her. She loves meeting Mistress’s friends and often features in some very naughty photoshoots- far too naughty to be shown here.   If you want to see any of them, just send her an email:

Gareth loves being Emma, and loves the effeminacy that sissydom can bring.She is married, but like so many, his wife cuckolds him.  He realises that he is a failure as a man,    but is popular as an accomplished sissy plaything.

NEW!!  She would love to hear from you! She is also keen to model for interested “proper men” who enjoy the company of an attentive and willing sissy.

Gareth Morgan relaxing as Sissy Emma- he know he is a failure as a man, but Emma is popular with

for lovers of Satin and Sissies