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Sisssy Maid Emma

Sissy Jayne
Sissy Jayne – satin and frills- every sissy’s dream!

SISSY JAYNE  is from Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire,  Well where do I start?   It’s odd how I found I was a sissy…I have always liked satin for as long as I can remember- the fabulous feeling on my body -the shininess and the sensuality.    I am very lucky I have a mistress who looks after me and one day said to me, she would like to dress me.     I was not sure at first but had no problem in allowing her to dress me in what she selected.  I absolutely adored the feeling of the stockings and suspenders, and yes, the satin knickers. Wearing them made me feel so femme and was unbelievable – like never before had I had feeling in this way  -it was so exciting, my cock never got hard like it always had before, it was all so new to me.  I was finding a new feeling nothing like I had felt before it was wonderful to please Mistress like I could see I was.I had never seen mistress as hard as she was, that how I found out I was a sissy.  From that day I have  got more and more effeminate and sissy- now I have a few outfits that mistress likes me in, I like to show myself off now and love when mistress wants to use me.

Mistress is training me in how she likes to use me. I never thought I would enjoy pleasing anybody as much as i do now, but I know Mistress will look after me so I relax more and more every time we get together.

I trust her and know she has things that she wants to try and I just want to be the best sissy for her. I love doing as I am told and all I want is for her to be pleased with me I like her to push me to my limits.  She is keen for me to gain more experience in the skills of pleasing “proper” men and encourages me to be very friendly with any that she selects for me. If you would like to meet, talk to Mistress just email:  I know she would like to hear from you! She knows what’s best for me and I SO want to please her!

Private Sex Life: There is lots more I can say but if there is interest in me, I will be happy to tell any thing that may be asked but I have not gone into detail about our sex life but am not shy so just ask.      I am sure you must be wondering what goes on – I’d love to tell you-but if you want more details just email me by clicking here


Mistress Lola seeking satin subs

 MISTRESS LOLA    I just wanted  to write a few words about what I think makes a perfect sissy.      Well to start with you must be totally submissive and always obey me. You also must be prepared to be completely feminised and  be dressed in satin and frills and of course heels a nice wig and makeup is always essential.   I find when I have totally feminised my sissies they became very submissive, for example  my sissy Jayne is much improved since she has been under my control and is becoming a very feminine sub sissy. If anybody would like to talk to me about sissydom and being a trainee sissy, contact me at, .I hope to meet some of you in the future.   Mistress Lola xx


SissyKimmy from Sutton, Surrey – A sissy fairy whose role is pleasing proper men!

Dressing is often a means to an end. To be a sissy and meet men for sex, and be used by them.  I am also interested in serving strong minded females. I don’t qualify as a real man, just a sissy fairy faggot. Any man in need of sex or a blow job should never be refused. I would love to design a special badge that sissies can wear.

And all men interested in using a sissy would recognise it and know that they can demand sexual relief from them without refusal. The rest of the world would not know anything about it. It would be a fabulous way of advertising ourselves to those that want the use of a sissy faggot.  What do you think?  Kimmy is happy to for you to contact her.

SISSY MARCIA from Swindon is a devoted sissy and would love to hear from you! In her own words, this is her story:

Well why do I dress as I do?
I love the attention it draws, that men find me attractive and that I wear sexy satin and silk which feels SO good against my skin. Being noticed by a “proper” man and to see his eyes roving lustily over my body is such a turn-on as I know that I can anticipate his hands exploring my body through the thin shiny satin.
I love that I can make a man feel so excited he can’t stop himself…and that my prick-teasing means he has to have me, even if I say a very weak “NO” and that the feel of me gift wrapped for him in satins and silks will excite him so much he won’t stop his hands and will grope and fondle me through my sexy satin clothes making him more and more excited as he kisses me forcing his attentions on me.
Feeling the silky satin rub against my skin is so sensual my waist squeezed in by a tightly laced corset giving me a feminine shape to excite men – my small breasts exposed -no bra – prominent rouged nipples rubbed to hardness by a silky blouse, bare thighs exposed by a short frilly skirt, stocking tops to low on my shapely thighs, my frilly panties on display if I bend too far which I will frequently do when men are around, knowing it will encourage them to take advantage of me.

They know I may say no, but I really need the hard urgent thrusts of their cocks both ends and that I will succumb to lust as I am used and abused mercilessly by hard throbbing cocks That as they explore deep in me I will need it more and more, that the pleasure of them exploding inside me is a drug to me that I have become addicted to as much as I am to satin and silk. 

Now that I can be dressed in a sissy outrageous fashion to attract more men and I won’t care what they do with me as long as they are using me for their sexual gratification.

You can email Marcia by clicking HERE