Discovering Sissydom


In this section we will be carrying written contributions from sissies that explain their starting points to their sissy lives.

My personal thanks to  the lovely Amber Doll from Cornwall and Sissy Deidre from the Netherlands who kick off this feature. Always happy to consider other contributions. Just CLICK HERE to mail me.

My girly development by Amber Doll

…. It starts with looking at girls and wondering… then it progresses to trying on girly things and thinking … then it’s, how do I look better? how do I do my makeup, hair, nails… then its time to shop for sexy pretty things….

And then it’s why do women wear sexy lingerie, shoes, tight revealing clothes? why paint their pretty lips and accentuate their eyes? why does sparkly pretty jewellery look so nice? and you begin to realise they do it to attract men….

And then you search for images of others like you. comparing styles, looks and getting tips…. and then online you see others just like you having sex with men… and you wonder could I do that?

Is that why I love wearing stockings, heels and dressing like a sexy pretty girl? to attract men and have sex with them …. you start watching sissy porn and you become addicted to its telling you what you must do. You start to post pictures online and men tell you how nice you look and what they want for you…

You no longer see females as you did. They are there to learn from not to be attracted by…. then you realise that in many ways you are more female than them you are hyper femme… for you lingerie has to be super sexy, your clothing has only one purpose to make men want to have sex with you… to make them want you, to be inside you, to take pleasure from you.

You cannot help yourself now… you love the compliments the desire for you from men who want you to go further for them… and you start to chat to them, post videos, maybe even cam for them. You become porn…. you learn to pleasure yourself only by being penetrated.

You are a sex object and it makes you happy…. now you will always do what men want, be what they want, and enjoy being an object that exists only for their pleasure… and you know you can never go back. Only forward.

Amber’s Personal Sissygurl development Check List

A true sissy always wants to always look as sexy and desirable as possible and with a body that looks fabulous in your sexy sissy outfits so you will be super motivated to stay sleek and slim.

Now let’s talk make-up. Besides the essential stuff to have in your make-up kit like foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick, you should also add a lip-liner pencil in order to draw in fuller, sissy-like lips. And nothing will turn you into a desirable sissy faster than a set of extra long false eyelashes.

And about sex. Since you have accepted that you are a sissy gurl you will want sexual relations. You will find yourself in situations that any woman would, sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex. The opposite sex of you is now of course a man. You will want men to make full use of your body.

But you need to start practicing. You can develop and refine your oral sills sucking on a dildo. Also, purchase a butt plug and keep it in your ‘pussy’ for extended periods of time in order to make your pussy a little bigger so you can ride a man easily.

As a sissy gurl you will learn to crave a nice cock both in your mouth and in your pussy. You will come to swallowing his cum without gagging and you will worship cock.

  • You’re now smooth and sexy, as in hairless. 
  • You wear bras, panties, high heels and lingerie always.
  • You are now in chastity with long term orgasm denial. Nothing focuses a sissygurls mind on sex than being caged and plugged always. You will find that sex is all you can thing about all day and night long.
  • You are improving your figure as you want to be the best looking sissy you can be.
  • You will consider taking hormones to grow little breasts.
  • You’re taking opportunity to improve on your make-up skills.
  • You are training your mouth and pussy to satisfy a cock.

Being a true sissy is all about letting go and accepting your destiny. It is so freeing. There is nothing to worry about any more. Be a sissygurl bimbo.

There is nothing more for you to concern yourself with other than looking as pretty, sexy and desirable as possible.  

You now think and act like a girl. You are a sissygurl 

You have become a sexy little fuck toy for men…. You have become a girl that craves sex.   

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Amber is also planning a discreet photoshoot in the late summer. If you are a male, a sissy or satin lover, send her a short email telling her why she should consider you! JUST CLICK HERE to message her and put AMBER PICS as the Subject. She LOVES talking!

My Sissy story  by Sissy Deidre

I’ve always had a soft spot for lingerie;

At the age of 14 I sneaked into my sisters bedroom and opened her lingerie drawer. My heart skipped a beat, all that soft, shiny satin girly underwear lying there for me. I grabbed a pair of silky panties and sniffed and fondled them. My small cock (didn’t call it a clitty then) went hard immediately. Mmmm the touch of it on my face; I needed to put them on. I undressed completely and tried the wonderful shiny panties on, Ooohhh it felt sooo good, my cock started to leak, oohh no- my stains in her underwear! I decided to take them with me, hoping she wouldn’t miss them.

In my boy’s room I closed the door and started playing with myself, Mmmm it felt magic!  I felt so good, so girly, I needed more lingerie.

I went back to my sister’s room and grabbed a corset nd some stockings. Unfortunately her shoe size was not my shoe size, otherwise I would have taken some heels as well. In front of the mirror I dressed in corset and stockings. It was unforgettable, even now, several years later my heart’s beating faster at the thought of dressing as a gorgeous, sexy girl.

And that was only the beginning of discovering the thrill of my journey to become a satin sissy.

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