Sissy Arrabella/Peter Jones

A little about me – my name is Arrabella but my real name is Peter Jones from Chorley, UK. I work as a Project manager in Manchester

My email address is

I am a very natural submissive sexy sissy whose desire is to be totally controlled and humiliated. I like sexy online chat and am desperate for the thrill that sissy exposure and humiliation gives me. Completely subservient and willing to be a sissy slut – crave to be at the mercy of dominant females, mistresses and of course the right type of understanding Master.

I am very compliant and adore being set on line sissy tasks and assignments to increase the control others may desire over me!

Arrabella’s innermost desire is to be dominated and made to be seen more and more in public as the sissy slut I secretly crave to be. Please make me dress up more sexy, more slutty and more sissy to increase my humiliation and exposure to the world.

I am 5′ 9″ without heels, 162lbs, hazel eyes, brown hair – hope to think handsome in male mode and attractively sexy in female mode!

Mainly seeking on line humiliation and fun – prefer the very assertive types who know how to push me to the limits without becoming aggressive. Like being set humiliating tasks and assignments.

My main secret fantasy would be to dressed in my bra, panties, stockings and heels with no other clothes then driven miles away – at least 30 miles. Then left stranded in either a wooded area or the side of a country road – with no money, no keys, no phone, no coat, nothing – and i’d be hand cuffed.

My dressing up started when I was only very young. Since I was was very young and during adolescence, I had always found myself being interested in women’s clothes – particularly women’s lingerie. I would spend hours looking at the lovely models wearing luxurious underwear on show in my mother’s catalogues. Not only did this fulfil an increasingly sexual desire in me but it also began to formulate ideas on what it would feel like to be dressed in such underclothes myself. Time wore on and I did indeed begin to dress up in female underclothes whenever I had the chance. The feelings this generated in me were ones of enhanced sexual pleasure – the feel of nylon against my skin and the tightness of a boned corset gave me many thrills.

As the years went by I hid my secret desire to myself but whenever I had the opportunity and some time to myself I would try on my female attire. At first this began using some of my mothers clothes, but the older I got I ventured to buying stockings and tights for myself – always either black or white. Eventually I plucked up courage to go into a shop and buy a bra – my first one was a deep blue colour.

Where this passion for wearing female clothes came from i don’t know, but I always recalled being made to wear a girls dress once when I was only 5 or 6 by my mother at a local street party. This image and the subsequent pointing of fun by other children at my dress plus the statement my mother and other children’s parents made “Doesn’t he look lovely in that dress – you’d never think he was a boy” had a lasting and longing impression upon me. Deep down in my own subconscious I believed it was this event that somehow first sparked off my desire to wear female clothing.

From about mid teens onwards I started buying ladies clothes – of course I never told the shop assistants they were for me but did receive the odd knowing look from the shop assistants but even that gave me a little thrill every so often. My head literally spins when I go into a lingerie store – all the styles, the colours – just so good.

My cross dressing has largely remained a secret except for the odd occasion when I cajoled my wife in letting me get dressed for her – she did take me out once or twice fully dressed but doesn’t condone it.

Over the last few years, I have developed an almost uncontrollable urge to be seen actually in public whilst dressed up. It is a desire that was centred around my feelings of wanting to experience humiliation in the form of being mocked by people – especially women who would see through the façade of my female clothes.

I also have increasingly forced feminisation and forced bisexual fantasies – how I crave to be tied down so tight I cannot move and a group of forceful women and men and other transvestites do as they see fit to me. Overall I admit to not just being a sissy who adores wearing bras, panties and stockings but also that I’m probably bi-sexual also and crave objects being deep inside my sissy bottom.

Recently I have gone on cross dressing websites desperate to show what a pansy lingerie loving sissy I am. I secretly crave being humiliated and controlled by the people – especially the more dominant ones who go on these sites. In fact my desire to be publically humiliated is so great now that I secretly want to be exposed to the world as the sissyslut I truly feel I am. To that end I sometimes now beg for my pics, photos and info about me to be posted all over. I now want to be even advertised as a sissyslut to those people who will really control my sissy life and ensure my descent into total sissydom happens in reality. Please I beg you make it really happen.

This application will hopefully lead me to be controlled, dominated, humiliated and exposed by anyone in any way you see fit to do – indeed I completely accept that does need to happen and hopefully will happen to me. As such I willingly beg for it to take place and knowingly and willingly agree to the consequences of this in full.