Amber’s Photo Shoot

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Welcome to Amber’s Photo Shoot.

Amber heelsI asked Amber to do a diary piece about her experience so- here it is..enjoy and enjoy the pictures too.   Jules x 

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”    I looked nice for you and wore my pink polka dress with suspender seamed stockings black bra and panties white gloves and my spiral earrings and painted my toes to match my lipstick – then changed into my red/black 2-piece then wore both of my babydolls and you can see a photo of him with me and my new pink/white babydoll just before he left.

He didn’t want me to make a video  but he took about 50 or more photos of me with his camera and I hope he will send them to me so I can show you.

This was some of the conversation … I am writing as A and Jules is J.

A- I think it will be nice to meet you and share a glass of wine. I can parade and pose nicely for your camera – Perhaps I will even have sex with the camera

J- so looking forward to straightening your seams

A- I do have a new pink and white babydoll which was delivered yesterday But is sheer and maybe too revealing

J- Can NEVER be too revealing darling…xxx

J- That was all so absolutely gorgeous darling! I loved being with you. I think you really are  sex on legs….and I adored fondling you… big satin kisses darling … your devoted acolyte J xxxxCaged Amber

so I just have done something right …

  • And what happened while he was here? 
    He brought a bottle of champagne
    We opened it and I have champagne glasses
    One still has lipstick on it
    I posed and paraded for many photos with panties and without panties
    I sat next to him on the sofa as he stroked my legs
    He wanted me to take my cage off
    So I handed him the key and he unlocked me
    He licked and sucked my nipples
    He licked and sucked my clit
    He french kissed me often
    Amber PluggedAs he sucked my clit I moaned with pleasure
    He licked my ears
    He wanted me to make some gurl juice for him
    But I couldn’t as am too nervous usually on a first date
    I knew he wouldn’t fuck me but is what I wanted
    So I found my dildo and fucked myself
    As he sucked my clit
    Next time (if there is a next time)
    He said he will bring his strap on dildo
    And what did I do for him?….
    He seemed to want to fondle and lick and admire and kiss me
    But I held his penis and took it out of his Satin panties
    I kissed the tip but didn’t take it into my mouth

I have made a big decision
My breasts have formed with the herbal Pueraria Mirifica  But I want them to be more ‘pouting’ with bigger nipples So yes today I have ordered my Estrofem

A day in the life of Amber

Amber x

ps..a very naughty video for you  if you click here


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