Currently looking for a twenty something,feminine, smooth local ( West Midlands) sissy to transform into the next big boobed mincing queen!

Hi, my name is Sophie. I’m a 100% totally smooth, OTT mature bottom tv. I’m six feet (and a little bit) tall in my stocking feet ( I DO love my stockings) and have very long legs. I Adore VERY 👠high heels too. I have brown eyes and prefer being blonde.

I adore full heavy💄foundation makeup, long false lashes ( top AND bottom of course) lots of shiny lip 👄gloss and long painted nails 💅🏻( toes too). I aspire to be as feminine as I can possibly be. I just love the fashions of the fifties and sixties with flouncy petticoats, fully fashioned stockings and LOTS of cleavage as you can see from my photographs, please however, don’t ask if I’m dressed or what I’m wearing/ going to be wearing, it’s creepy. Just imagine the sexiest thing that’s turns you on. Let’s say I’m wearing that!

I absolutely LOVE being my mans Stepford wife/ MILF, submitting to his advances as I work And mince around the home or wait on him. I also love to be a sexy secretary( I just adore dicktation!) or be his maid or even just his plain old whore, whatever turns my man on. I love to dress to please and just love the excitement of getting ready and putting my makeup on and choosing a sexy outfit for the visit of my stud.

I’m very, VERY submissive and a bottom ONLY and prefer my dominant alpha male to know what he wants, how to take it and where to put it! I love toys and mild bondage and LOVE well endowed black gentlemen of any age, I am an unabashed size queen, we girls DO Like to entertain big boys.

I have developed a longing for hot, hung 🍆 black men and that is now my SOLE preference as far as entertaining gentlemen are concerned, sorry guys. I would LOVE to be a hot black Alpha studs Queen of Spades ♠️ To serve and please him as he wishes. I am a NON smoker ( hate the very thought of it, sorry) and would Want the same in return please. Tats and facial hair a no,no sorry boys, local to me is non negotiable and does make it easier for BOTH of us, I promise.

So boys, if you’re local, NOT happy to travel, NOT passing through or working in the area or visiting family but LOCAL ONLY, black (a photograph please, NO FACIAL PIC, NO CHAT, I like to see who I’m chatting to, don’t you?)don’t be shy, please get in touch. Just think of me as your personal sperm bank so why not make a deposit…..I can accommodate visitors during the day in a lovely, safe location. If you want me, be a gentleman, travel to me.


mail to: xxxxx  xxxxx.com