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“The world of erotic sissy satin is a complex and fascinating one, exploring the world of feminisation, cross dressing and master/mistress relationships based on the love of satin. Whether you are just starting to explore this exciting lifestyle or are a seasoned veteran, there is always more to learn and discover.”

 Many of my visitors have asked if I could create a small Sissy Store-so I have!     sissy maidpicI am an Amazon Affiliate and everything I sell generates a few pennies in commission for me. This will help defray the significant (and growing!) running costs of Satin Sissies website. 

I have considered making it a secure site accessible by a small monthly subscription, but I will delay that move for as long as possible, although costs, driven by Inflation, Energy, Ukraine War, Russia, Musical Chairs in Downing Street, and the state of Mrs Green’s bunions still shoot upwards.  So- if you want to buy , it would help the site! 

Name and Shame… .  Should “Emma” tell her wife?gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan, a married “man living in Plymouth as Emma, is living a Double Life as a very Sissy Pansy. -call her on 07791223807 for a sissy date or just to let her know what you think about her secret life – her wife does not know- YET!                                              We are running a poll – Should she tell her wife? CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!

Sissy Emma

The two faces of Gareth Morgan!
Although she might get a clue about his shameful  hidden life when she notices his new shaped Girly eyebrows and the new mincing walk he has adopted!! And another giveaway is his growing use of cosmetics and yearning to wear effeminate satin clothes!Dressed to kill!
This sweet sissy is now mincing around the shops in Plymouth in heels and blouses- make sure you say hello! (but don’t tell his wife!!) But she needs to know SOMETIME?
She has been set a task of pleasing a man once a week- and providing photographic evidence- if you want to see your own copy of the picture, just CLICK HERE and ask for it!

Read more about this Hot VERY gay mincing Sissy at https://satinsissies.com/gareth-morgan-sissy-emma/


Since I created the site for Satin Sissies, Fem Bois and Admirers, I have talked to lots of sissy slogansatin sissy dressvisitors and have added new features such as a  Name and Shame Sissy section, a satin photo gallery, makeup tips and a Sissy Erotica section- and am thrilled to announce that I have persuaded two very well known writers of sissy fiction to join me here to offer a free preview of stories that will later be paid for!  The Name and Shame section is a popular addition and I will soon be adding directory listings of mistresses and photo shoots.


Pretty BoiI am constantly being asked If we can show more examples of makeup for Fem Boys, so if you want me to carry a suitably glam pic of you, or would like to see a section devoted to pretty fembois, just contact me by sending an email

Submit your picture for consideration to londonsatin@hotmail.com if you are close to Brighton you could qualify for a  FREE photosession!!

“How My Teen Stepdaughter is turning me into a Satin Slut!”

Read how an 18 year old teen is teasing her stepfather and turning him into a satin lover! CLICK HERE TO READ!

Gay mag coverDo YOU want to show  off?        

 I  am always happy to consider contributions, written, or photos.   In fact, lots of girls have asked if they can feature on this site- and the answer is YES! So – enjoy the site, and send me your feedback – Just click this mail link



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Satin Charlotte

Gorgeous Satin Charlotte talks about her obsession with satin and satisfying men!

CLICK HERE to see Charlotte!



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